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2024 Lenten Series


This year’s Lenten Series will feature our Interim Rector, Fr. Alan James. The five-week program starts Thursday, February 22 and will focus on learning about God and each other through storytelling. The first week we gather at the Rectory and  includes prayer and a light meal, while we hear Fr. Alan’ story. The following sessions will gather in small groups, on different days of the week, in homes or the rectory and include prayer and a light meal and discussion around questions provided by Fr. Alan. In the final week, Fr. Alan will join each group discussion and conclude with the Eucharist. The initial session and several of the small groups will be available both in person and on Zoom.

If you are interested in volunteering to co-host the initial session, host a small group (either at the Rectory or your home) as a discussion facilitator, or provide the light meal, please complete this form. 

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