Adult Zoom Catechesis this Monday

Updated: Jun 9

During this time of social distancing, I particularly want to invite COSers to join the Adult Confirmation Class which takes place this Monday at 3:00pm. You can join the zoom meeting by clicking here and using the password "cos." We’ll be basing our conversation on the paragraph by Ken Wilber:

Spirit exists. Spirit, though existing without, is found within. Most of us don’t realize this spirit within, because we are living in a world of sin, separation and duality. There is a way out of this fallen state of sin and illusion, there is a Path to our liberation. If we follow this path to its conclusion, the result is a Rebirth or Enlightenment, a direct experience of Spirit within, a supreme Liberation, which marks the end of sin and suffering and which issues in social action of mercy and compassion on behalf of all sentient beings.

We’re using this quote because it is Wilber’s attempt to express the universal human religious experience. I think he did a remarkable job. Those of us who live as adult Christians in the 21st century and express that faith in Christian community must face the very real challenge of the language we use, both among ourselves and in our worship, but also as we articulate our faith to others. Christianity is a universal faith, not a denominational one. The victory of Jesus Christ which we celebrate each Sunday is for hope and joy for every human being and for all of humanity to see the universe not only with the lens of physics and natural science, but as a cosmos zestfully alive with the Spirit of the creator God.

We will discover how these non-theological words are perfectly in line with the way both the Old Testament and New Testament understand our covenant with God and how they closely resonate with the Baptismal Covenant found in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

Our goal is that adults coming to Confirmation in this century will have access to the vigor of their own emerging faith and a functional and solid foundation for formulating that faith in comprehensive and useful ways. I believe it will be of use to any adult whose interested in re-investigating Christianity in general and their own faith in particular.

Please feel to welcome to join us.

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