Call for Names - All Saints/All Souls

This Sunday November 1st celebrates two Church festivals—All Saints Day and All Souls Day. The first is a commemoration of Christians throughout the centuries who were very special to the Christian community and whose lives were clearly dedicated to making the Church a visible symbol of Christ’s own mission and ministry in the world. The second is a day of special prayer for those we know and love; that they will join the saints in their journey with God after death.

There are two ways to celebrate our own remembrance of these festivals on Sunday, November 1st.:

  • While we can't read the names of every saint, to celebrate All Saints Day please let us know if you have a favorite saint to add to our Litany.

  • To celebrate All Souls Day we will list all the names of people who have died in the parish since last All Saints/All Souls Day. We would love to honor any of your departed by including their names in the service.

To have the name of a favorite saint or recently departed loved one included in this year's All Saints/All Souls service, please email Natalie with the information you would like included.

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