• Church of Our Saviour

In-Person Worship Update

Recently, the State of Illinois reported the highest one-day COVID19 case total since the pandemic began. As a reminder, we encourage parishioners to consider their own risk factors when deciding whether to attend public worship.  

Please read our special announcement sent out on Wednesday 9/23 about resuming in-person worship at Church of Our Saviour on Sundays at 10 am.

For those ready to return to COS for in-person worship, we ask that you do so only if you are symptom free. Advance reservations and face coverings will be required. You can sign up for each week’s 10 a.m. service here or by calling Br. Will White, Parish Business Manager, at 773-350-6237 if you are unable to access the online reservation system.

Before attending an in-person service, we ask that you please review what to expect in more detail by visiting our COVID-19 information page. Doing so will help keep our community safe and healthy.

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