Parish-wide Bible Study

We are excited to launch our next Parish-Wide Bible Study at COS! Please join us for an exploration of salvation history through readings from the Old and New Testaments as well as the Book of Common Prayer. There will be a total of 8 sessions beginning in February. You can sign up for a small group here. If you are interested in serving as a group leader, please email Peter Civetta or Alice Kovacik.

‘The History of Salvation’ is our topic. If that sounds awfully big, don’t worry, it’s simply the basic story we tell and retell as Christians. Indeed, we tell the basic story each and every Sunday inside the Eucharistic Prayer.

This ‘history’ all comes from the Bible, and we’ll spend 6 of the 8 sessions looking at the figures of Abraham and Sarah, Moses and two of the prophets, Nathan and Micah. Then when we’re in church on Sunday we might just hear these folks mentioned over and over as the presider prays the Eucharistic Prayer for us. In the process, small groups gather and learn together. There is no great authority telling us what’s the correct understanding of these passages. Each group will search for itself why these ancient stories are so central to our 21st century faith.

The eight sessions are:

  1. The history of salvation in the Eucharistic Prayer

  2. The life story of Abraham and Sarah up to the birth of Isaac

  3. The life story of Abraham and Sarah after the birth of Isaac

  4. The life story of Moses up to the point of his experience of the burning bush

  5. The life story of Moses from the burning bush till he returned to Mt. Sinai with the Hebrew people

  6. The story of the prophet Nathan and King David

  7. The Book of Micah, an overview of the way a prophet thinks

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