Video about the Diocese for Bishop Candidates

Standing Committee has announced an innovative video project designed to help the bishop candidates learn more about the diocese and its people.

All congregations are invited to submit a series of short video clips that tell the story of who they are, what makes them unique, how God is at work in their congregations, and more.

All we need are a few volunteers (with smartphones that can record). (Detailed instructions can be found here.)

The questions we'll be answering (with short 20 second answers) are:

1. What would you most like others to know about your congregation? 2. What makes your congregation unique? 3. What makes your setting / location unique? 4. What is your dream for your congregation? 5. How do you see God at work in your congregation? 6. Is there anything else you would like to share? 

We'll be submitting our answers by October 15th.

If you would like to participate please email Katie Spero!

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