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NOTICE Regarding Funerals and Memorials at COS: Church of Our Saviour has begun construction on a new community space on the site of our old parish hall. We have temporarily relocated our Sunday services to Salvatore's event venue (525 W Arlington Place) during the construction phase of the building project. We anticipate returning to our church space in the fall of 2025.

During that time, we would be honored to assist with any funeral or memorial services to be held either at Salvatore's or at a nearby Episcopal Church.
Please contact the office with any questions.

End of Life Ministries


The clergy at Church of Our Saviour is always ready to offer solace and comfort for those who experience the loss of a loved one, and to work with you to provide a suitable funeral or memorial service.

When death takes away a beloved friend or family member, Church of Our Saviour (COS) believes that there are three ways to respond:

  • Grieve the loss of a person who will be sadly missed;

  • Celebrate their life and the enduring gifts they have left behind;

  • Pray them into heaven, enshrouding them in their new experience with the comforting love they knew here. 


Our bereavement counseling and public worship services honor all three of these important manifestations of loss.


At the Time of Death

COS parishioners know that sacramental moments help mark the various transitions in life, including the last one. Anointing is offered at any time of poor health or strain in an individual’s or family’s life.  It is especially important when an illness has been deemed terminal or a physical condition becomes dire.

Both the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and individual ministers at COS offer a variety of ways to prepare for the final passage of life.  We have an “End of Life” ministry, which can be accessed by parishioners and anyone who feels the need of this service.  Contact the office for more information.


Planning a Service

Among the many concerns that strike family and friends following the death of a loved one is planning a suitable public gathering.  The Episcopal Church provides beautiful and rich Christian services that are readily adapted to individual circumstances.  The clergy and office can assist with any planning the family may desire.

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