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Who You'll Meet at COS

  • 7:45am - Spoken (Prayerbook) Eucharist

simple and sacred service of holy communion

  • 9:00am - Contemporary Eucharist

contemporary music, communion together around altar

  • 10:00am - Youth Education  

Montessori based curriculum and Jr/Sr High classes

  • 10:45am - Choral Eucharist 

traditional service with full choir, incense, and sung communion service

Coming to Church of Our Saviour for the first time? Here are the basics to make your visit comfortable and spirit-filled! 

CONTACT US with any questions.


  • There's free parking in our lot on the East side of the building (come in through the rear alley) as well as spots on Fullerton Parkway

  • Dress as you like- suits and dresses not required (but encouraged if that makes you happy)

  • Childcare is available for the 9am and 10:45 services in the lower level of the church (fun and safe)

  • All are welcome to sing along and take communion bread and wine (all ages, all faiths), but no one will pressure you if you're feeling shy

  • Our three services have different flavors, to make sure you find one you love. People of all ages are welcome at all three services:

Every church is more about the people who make it their home than about its buildings or programs, and we are no exception.  Our parish understands that we are a diverse group.  We are mainly white, but racial and ethnic minorities find a comfortable home here.  We are mainly straight and middle class, but people of all sorts and conditions are part of the fabric of our common life.  We have a lot of families with children of every age and a lot of older parishioners—but we are a community that celebrates both and warmly integrates older and younger people.

When we say we are ‘diverse’ we mainly mean that Christian life and experience vary widely.  Some of us are sacramental and mystical, some evangelical or charismatic; some find God most fully in private prayer, some in the active work of feeding the hungry or protesting for peace; some experience church as completely compelling and engrossing, some keep church as only a tangential part of their weekly life.  At Church of Our Saviour we make room for these various interests and expressions of Christian community and ministry.

We also organize our life to make it work well.  We have a “Vestry” that manages the constitutional and financial aspects of parish life.  We also have a “Parish Council” that

provides leadership for our many mission and ministry activities.  Both are supported and led by our “Executive Committee.”  The staff is comprised of a “Rector” (chief pastor); a Director of Children and Family Ministries; Mission Administrators for our 5 mission areas (Praising God, Growing as Christians, Serving Others, Stewarding our Resources, and Participating in the Larger Church); Musicians who provide a range of musical styles to support various worship experiences; a “Sexton” (the Episcopal term for custodian); and a Community Liaison person (who provides safety and good community relations during our hot lunch programs and when the building is used by community organizations).

For those persons who have an interest in participating more directly in worship, there are many opportunities. All these groups, in various ways, contribute to our worship experience each Sunday and at other weekday services.  We always welcome new participants, and offer training as needed.


An acolyte is a child or adult who assists the priest and deacon at the altar during the mass. Acolytes at our three Sunday morning services may be candle-bearers, communion servers, crucifer, or thurifer.  A Minister of Ceremonies (MC) is a senior acolyte who is in charge of the Sunday morning worship service at 10:45.


Eucharistic ministers assist as chalice bearers during communion.


A deacon assists the priest during worship.  Deacons are ordained and called to a special ministry of servanthood. Diaconal formation includes academic study and practical experience.


This is a ministry of reading Scripture or leading the Prayers of the People during worship.


Our ushers are at the door on Sunday mornings to welcome old friends and newcomers alike. They collect the offering, organize the Offertory and direct the congregation to the communion stations. After the service, they straighten up the pews and make certain the church is in good order for the next service.


The Altar Guild works to keep the church beautiful. They take care of the vestments and vessels used during the Eucharist and also assist at weddings and funerals. They get together to polish brass, launder linens, and prepare all that is needed for worship. It’s a ministry of love and care.


Parishioners who arrange the flowers on the altar for worship on Sunday. We accept contributions for flowers, either as memorials or thank offerings. At Christmas and Easter, we receive special contributions and the church is festively decorated. A flower donation sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board by the Parish Hall or you can contact the office.


The homilist participates in the worship service by speaking to the congregation to give voice to the Word of God. While our Rector is our most frequent homilist, he also welcomes other clergy and guest homilists.


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