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Serving within ones own church is a fundamental part of building a community of faith. There are lots of ways that you and your household can participate and help Church of Our Saviour continue to be the vibrant spiritual family it has become -- and you are needed! Below are a several volunteer opportunities to serve the needs of this particular spiritual family.
Simply contact us with something you're interested in supporting and we'll connect you with the right folks to get you started. You can complete a volunteer form here if you are interested in getting involved!

Liturgical Ministry

Worshiping God is at the center of our life together at COS and each service requires a variety of roles so that the liturgy (or "work of the people") flows smoothly and offers those present a wonderful experience as they worship. A few of those critical volunteer roles are listed below. If any of these align with your own spiritual gifts, please sign up and help us make worship even more beautiful! 


Greeters (Ushers)

Often the first face guests see on Sundays, Greeters greet guests, offer a worship bulletin, help them find seats and restrooms, and assist with the offering plate and attendance. This person should feel comfortable welcoming strangers and friends alike. 


Lectors (Readers)

A Lector is lay person trained in reading scripture who is appointed by the clergy person in charge of the congregation to read lessons or lead the prayers of the people. The term is from the Latin, “to read.” There is no special requirement for this ministry so all are welcome! This person should feel comfortable speaking in public and will be able to review the readings ahead of time to prepare. Children are also welcome to volunteer for this role.



An Acolyte assists with the liturgy in the Sanctuary and has a long history within the church. They often vest in a white alb (robe) and process in with the clergy and sit in special seating near the altar. Acolytes at COS are responsible for lighting the altar candles, holding the Gospel Book for the Deacon, assisting in setting the altar for Communion, ringing the Sanctus bells, and providing other general assistance during the service. Training is provided for this role. This person should be comfortable standing in front of a crowd and sitting up front in the church, and they  should be able to move in calm and solemn manner. Children are also welcome to volunteer for this role. 


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a volunteer group of the parish whose ministry is to care for the altar, candles, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services, and clean up afterwards. Altar Guild members frequently assist with the decoration of the sanctuary for holidays and special services. This person should enjoy cleaning and organizing, have an eye for detail and order, and can enjoy working solo. This is also an ideal role for someone who doesn't mind bringing home some linens from time to time to launder and iron. 

Hospitality Ministry

Offering hospitality is a holy act of love and COS likes to offer hospitality any chance it gets! If you enjoy hosting, cooking, visiting others, or sending greeting cards, then these opportunities are right up your alley! 


Coffee Hour Host

Coffee hours follow the 9am and 10:45am Sunday services. The Coffee Hour Host offers to provide some food to share. We provide the coffee setup and you simply drop off your food before service. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish! This person can enjoy hosting parties or simply pick up food to share with others. 

angel food.png

Angel Food 

COS loves to care for it's own. When someone may find themselves facing a difficult moment such as the loss of a loved one, or a transition between jobs, or an illness, Angel Food Ministers provide a meal or two to help ease the stress and let you know you are loved. You can also offer to assist in other ways, if you are not a cook. This person should either enjoy cooking for others, or be willing to help with simple chores or errands when someone is in need. 


Communion at Home

COS is happy to provide Communion in people's homes for those who aren't able to join church gatherings. We can train you to be a Eucharistic Minister and you simply pick up some reserve sacrament to bring to someone in their homes and share some simple prayers with them. We even have a ministry that brings Communion to some nursing homes. This person should be comfortable visiting with others, possibly strangers, and able to travel. 

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COS Cards

Everyone enjoys receiving a greeting card! If you enjoy writing cards to folks then ask about our COS Cards ministry. We try and reach out to members of the congregation to check-in, celebrate a milestone, or wish them well. We'll even provide the stamps. This person should enjoy writing and be organized. 

Property Ministry

There are a number of ways to support the efforts of maintaining a pleasant and well-organized property here at the church. These roles are often great for people who enjoy more quiet, reflective ways to serve but are no less important to the work of carrying out the Gospel! 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 160033.png

COS Gardeners

If you enjoy tending flowerbeds and helping plant for the next season, then this is the ministry for you. We have a few flowerbeds and planters around the property and maintaining these are part of our welcome. Some beds hold native plants and flowers, others have perennials and seasonal plantings. This person should enjoy gardening and getting their hands dirty, weeding, and watering. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 155945.png


COS is over 150 years old and we've been maintaining records and artifacts for the life of the parish. If you are someone who enjoys quiet time categorizing, digitizing, and organizing files, or even if you are someone who might have some creative suggestions for how we can share these materials with the parish and the community, you may enjoy working in the archives. This person should be very organized with an attention to detail. A knowledge in library sciences and archival methods would be a great plus. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 162346.png

Music Library 

That's right-- COS has a music library! Got a knack for organizing sheet music then you may enjoy this quiet role. This person would assist the organist and choirmaster in maintaining and accessing the music library to be used for the choir and liturgies. 

Serve the Church

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