What We Believe

What is our Mission?

The mission of Church of Our Saviour is to nurture a vibrant Christian community, where all are welcome to embrace love for God, love for self, and love for neighbor.

What is our Vision?

On Earth as in Heaven.

What are our Values? 


We live in relationship with God by following Jesus, proclaiming the Gospel, and promoting justice, peace, and love.


We are committed to being in dialogue with Chicago and lovingly engaged with the world beyond ourselves.


We cherish the compassion, encouragement, and liveliness that community produces.


We welcome various interests and expressions of Christian community and ministry, while treasuring our Episcopal traditions and heritage. 


We believe in the importance of asking questions as a way to learn, grow and share. 


We aim to express joy and gratitude in all that we do. 

Please visit The Episcopal Church page for more information about our beliefs and structure.