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Music Ministries


The music at the 9:00 service reflects the energy and diversity of its congregation.  Musicians Mike and Cate Mascari lead the liturgical music with piano, guitar and voice, while also encouraging members of the congregation to contribute with their vocal and instrumental talents. The style of hymnody encompasses a variety of genres, and utilizes a wide range of Episcopal hymnals including the traditional 1982 and its more contemporary supplement “Wonder, Love, and Praise”, the African-American “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, the child-centered “My Heart Sings Out” and the female-composed and inspired “Voices”.  The intention of the music is to honor the traditions of COS while challenging both young and old to explore their musical relationship with God in a variety of new and exciting ways. 

Questions about COS Music?

For more information on our music programs or if you have an interest in joining the 10:45 choir, please contact the Director of Music and Parish Life.

CHOIR (10:45 Service)

Church of Our Saviour has had a vested choir for nearly a century. From the processional through the closing hymn, the choir’s presence is an integral part of our 10:45 worship service on Sunday mornings, and celebrations throughout the church year such as our Christmas Eve Mass. The choir rehearses before services on Sunday mornings. During the summer there is no formal choir, but there are summer soloists and an informal “pick-up” choir. Various instrumentalists participate from time to time, particularly for Christmas and Easter services.

The Organist and Choirmaster for the 10:45 service is Ligia Pucci.

HAND BELLS (10:45 Service)

The hand bell ringers provide a beautiful accompaniment to the 10:45 worship service and celebrations throughout the church year.

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